Monday, August 29, 2011

J. Griffith Mitchell Novels

Hi!  I’m J. Griffith Mitchell

            After retiring from a twenty-five year career in designing custom lighting fixtures and light sculptures I moved to the Sonoma County wine country in Northern California, and turned to writing.  My first novel, a sci-fi endeavor written fourteen years ago and titled THE GENES CONSPIRACY, will never be published, since in the intervening years most of what I had proposed in the book has become reality.
            I am not a “genre” writer, but instead follow my feelings as to what needs to be said, usually very enjoyable, but sometimes not, depending on the content.  I formulate the beginning, middle, and end of a general theme and then let my strong characters take over from there.
            My currently published e-books are THE HOUSE OF INDISCRETIONS (a woman determined to keep her home, whatever the cost); THE ROYLE BLUE BLOODS  (a four-generation dysfunctional family empire which eventually destroys itself); JEREMIAH BASCOMB – A HEART DIVIDED (a runaway at fifteen, a business mogul by forty); DEATH IN EDENVILLE -- a heinous crime and its unforeseen ripple effect); and HOW WELL DID YOU KNOW STANLEY? --a zany romp through the adventures of an astute but introverted businessman seeking romance in strange places).
            Volume One of my next novel, THE HERITAGE TREE, will be published soon.  This is an historical novel spanning the years 1761 to 1917, with the development of our nation seen in journal form through the eyes of the women of the family.  The second volume, soon to be completed, will cover their observations from World War One to the present.
I am in the process of establishing a blog for each of the novels as well.   My e-books are available at;; and as well as iBooks and Google Editions.